Currently pursuing a Design Ph.D. at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)/Brazil. I'm part of the UFPR Design Lab - Design & Sustainability Research Center (NDS) and my research explores the intersection of transparency for sustainability and service design, aiming to contribute to theory and practice in the field. I’m a member of the LeNS (Learning Network on Sustainability), the Brazilian Food Design Community (FDBR), and Service Design Lab UFPR. I teach and mentor in the university Design degree programmes.

I got a master's degree with a research focusing on the topic of transparency for food digital services. I conducted the project in partnership with a local organic food company and developed a model to support diagnostic activities. I also have a specialization in User-Centered Design and background in UX Architecture/Strategy.

I have a mix of competences on the areas of Service Design, Experience Design, Sustainability and Digital Technologies. My specialties includes the ability to systematically map, organize and frame complexity for understanding and envisioning.

In the last 15+ years, I have been working in projects with consultancies and companies across a range of sectors including food, cities, healthcare, cosmetics, fashion, telecom, media, education, etc. I had the opportunity to work with a variety of projects and challenges such as digital transformation, user experience, sustainability, design operations and leadership.

I'm particularly interested in projects addressing food challenges, collaborating the last years with the community of Food Design, an interdisciplinar and emerging field concerned in improving our relationship with food.

Design for Sustainability

Design for Sustainability (DfS) is a catalyst to trigger and support innovation to help with enviromental, social, economic challenges that we are facing. I mainly work with services approaching sustainable behaviour and product-service systems, in the context of business and cities.

Transparency Design

Transparency is one of the key ethical principles to enable more sustainable futures, implying in openness, communication, and accountability of social, environmental, and economic aspects. Transparency is my main research topic since my Masters and now in PhD, contributing with theory and practice of it's application to Design field.

Service Design

The practice of designing services with a holistic and highly collaborative approach to generate value throughout the service’s lifecycle. I approach service design as the organizational setting or configuration of the system that makes the service provision/delivery/offering possible.

UX Architecture

Articulates structures and flows for building information-oriented digital environments that are easier to find, understand, use, etc. I approach it by integrating information architecture with digital service design, supporting experience strategies.


  • Researcher in Design for Sustainability - at Federal University of Paraná (2021 - current)

  • PhD Design Candidate at Federal University of Paraná (2020 - current)
    Design and Sustainability Research Center
    Supervisor: Prof. Aguinaldo dos Santos, PhD

  • Experience Design Manager at Mirum Agency

  • UX Design Lead / Specialist at Mirum Agency

  • Co Founder | Design Consultant at Prisma Design Studio

  • UX & Service Designer Consultant at Flutter Innovation

  • UX Designer Senior at Designit

  • Information Architect at Elabora

  • Interaction Designer & Product Owner at Instituto Eldorado


  • MSc in Design at UFPR (2020)

  • Specialization in User-Centered Design at Universidade Positivo (2013)

  • Bachelor's in Computer Engineering at PUC-Campinas (2006)